We work with global pharmaceutical and other life
science companies, to uncover the views and motivations
of healthcare professionals worldwide. We are experts at
understanding what delegates appreciate most when visiting
a stand on the busy exhibition floor.


A specialist area demanding specialist knowledge.

With major investment involved, there has never been a more important time for companies to speak to healthcare professionals and receive high quality data.


We’ve conducted over 600 studies in 20 years.

In that time we’ve developed great relationships with healthcare professionals worldwide and acquired a deep understanding of all elements related to their conference journeys.


Analysis, perceptive conclusions, actionable recommendations.

Whether we’re using in-depth interviews or mini polls, studying immediate impressions or retained information, you’ll have the best and most experienced team working with you.


Every study we do is built around client objectives. We work closely with you and you’ll speak to the same Research and Associate Directors throughout your project.


We offer a variety of research approaches and will recommend the best approach to meet your objectives. We’re happy to advise which will bring the greatest returns.


Our international team of interviewers is excellent at building rapport with healthcare professionals. We keep interviews upbeat, interesting and professional – in any language required.


Reports can be created in your company template and delivered within team requirements. We’ll keep readers engaged with great design, insight and accurate understanding of your needs.