Case study

Were key messages about their groundbreaking product being communicated effectively?

31st January 2019
Sharing the results of our work internally prompted valuable discussion within the company and enabled crucial analysis of their promotional spending for the product.

Our client wanted to capitalize on its conference presence by researching usage and attitudes towards its product, and the effectiveness of its marketing and education efforts.

Audience Challenge

We needed to focus on a particular type of surgeon, consultant or specialist registrar from Western Europe, Scandinavia and Israel, bearing in mind that up to 25 per cent of conference attendees might be trainees.


We anticipated 60-80 completed interviews but in the end collected data from 80+ relevant healthcare professionals by recruiting participants on site and conducting post-conference phone interviews with them.

Time Research maintained a presence at the client’s stand, to ensure that all respondents would have both seen the stand and had the opportunity to attend the sponsored symposium prior to interview.


The data suggested the brand name was less well known than the molecule involved, and that health care professionals don’t always know, or care, who produces the product.

The company was delighted to share the results internally, where it caused much discussion – they were able to compare the positive value of exhibition hall research with the benefits they received from sponsoring symposia. Since then, they’ve asked us to help create a baseline measure for future events.